Ranking Scale & Answers for Analogies Test

Although no claim is being made by the author that this test measures anything in particular, or that any research whatsoever has been conducted using the Chimera Analogies Test, you may use the following table to rank yourself. The Miller Analogies Test is a recognized standardized test that is used primarily for graduate school admissions. Also, several high IQ societies accept individuals who have scored high enough on the MAT into their organizations. DOUBLE THE NUMBER OF ANALOGIES THAT YOU ANSWERED CORRECTLY. The resulting score is the number of analogies that you might be expected to answer correctly on the MAT, which contains 100 items. The table was created by the author of the Chimera Analogies Test, and is for your amusement. This table also indicates which high IQ societies accept the MAT, and at what levels:

    SCORE         RANK                   HIGH IQ SOCIETY LEVEL                                                                         
     0-15     Below Average
    16-30        Average
    31-45      High Normal
    46-65       Superior            International High Five Society(1)
    66-73        Gifted                    Mensa, Camelopard(2)
    74-88     Highly Gifted  Intertel, Top One Percent Society, Collegium(3)
     89+         Genius                      ISPE & Others(4)

(1) The exact pass level is not known for this society, which is now defunct.
(2) Both societies require a score of 66 for entrance.
(3) Intertel & TOPS require a score of 74 for entrance, & Collegium requires a 75.
(4) The ISPE requires a minimum score of 89 for entrance. The Triple Nine, IQuadrivium, One-in-a-Thousand, & Glia Societies require slightly higher scores than this for entrance, but the Triple Nine Society accepts all previous & current members of the ISPE, so an 89 is effectively the minimum score to join this society.

1. B. A den of thieves & a deck of cards. Game is not the most appropriate answer because just as their are thieves in a den, there are cards in a deck.
2. B. Tonto worked alongside the Lone Ranger, just as Watson worked with Sherlock Holmes.
3. C. John Wayne was called the Duke, & Shaquille O'Neal is called Shaq.
4. D. A string is tied around the finger, & a yellow ribbon is tied around an oak tree.
5. E. Cyrano de Bergerac had a long nose, just as Rapunzel had long hair. Pinocchio is not the best answer because his nose only became long when he lied, while Cyrano's nose was always long, much like Rapunzel's hair.
6. E. A helmet protects the uppermost part of the body, while a thimble protects the uppermost part of a finger.
7. D. An ear of corn & a leg of lamb.
8. B. Seek and ye shall find, & ask and you shall receive.
9. C. Brutus & his accomplices assassinated Caesar, & Booth assassinated Lincoln.
10. F. The Aztecs were in Mexico, & the Incas were in Peru.
11. F. Mike Tyson was called Iron Mike, & Calvin Coolidge was called Silent Cal.
12. A. Franklin D. Roosevelt instituted the New Deal, & Lyndon B. Johnson instituted the Great Society.
13. D. Sunrise & daybreak.
14. D. herb- is the word part best matched with vegetable, & carn- goes best with meat.
15. E. Vegetables are solids found in soup, & platelets are solids found in blood. Hemoglobin is not the best answer because it is only a part of red blood cells, whereas vegetables & platelets describe separate objects.
16. B. Smith wrote about an Invisible Hand, & Ellison wrote about an Invisible Man.
17. E. One comes back from the dead in basically the same form as before through resurrection, but in a different form through reincarnation.
18. D. Philology is the study of languages, & semantics is the study of meaning.
19. E. There were 10 Commandments & 7 Deadly Sins.
20. C. Democracy is government by the people, & plutocracy is government by the wealthy.
21. F. Bread is baked in an oven, & pottery is baked in a kiln.
22. F. Adultery is a violation of a marriage, & an infringement is a violation of a patent.
23. B. Bi- is a prefix for two, & helio- is a prefix for sun.
24. D. Matricide is the killing of a mother, & regicide is the killing of a king.
25. B. Part backward is trap, & live backward is evil.
26. F. A freight train carries freight, & a cargo ship carries cargo.
27. C. Popeye was made strong by spinach, just as Samson was made strong by his hair.
28. E. An octagon has twice as many sides as a square, & a hexagon has twice as many sides as a triangle.
29. B. Ice heated enough becomes water, & a liquid heated may become a gas.
30. D. The Scarecrow wanted a brain, & Odysseus wanted to get home.
31. F. Just as many people want to win a race, many people want to lose their virginity.
32. F. Funambulism is tightrope walking, & a truncheon is a shattered spear.
33. E. Ethereal is the opposite of stygian, & erstwhile is the opposite of future.
34. F. Deep Blue is a name of something, as is Agent Orange.
35. F. More wrote Utopia, & Aristotle wrote Nicomachean Ethics.
36. C. Dizziness is experienced through vertigo, & tiredness is experienced through fatigue.
37. D. Dexterity is a synonym for skill, & skullduggery is a synonym for trickery.
38. B. Robin was the sidekick of Batman, & Engels could be seen as a sidekick of Marx.
39. B. One gambles in a casino, & fights in an arena.
40. E. A guard protects against a thief, & a shield protects against an arrow.
41. B. A bombast can be described as arrogant, & a malingerer can be described as lazy.
42. F. Chinese is spoken in China, & Farsi is spoken in Iran.
43. C. Jefferson wrote "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," & Locke wrote "life, liberty, and property."
44. A. An ocean is a large expanse of water, while a fountain is a relatively small enclosure of water. A desert is a large expanse of (in many cases) sand, while a sandbox is a relatively small enclosure of sand.
45. D. Algebra is studied in mathematics, & existentialism is studied in philosophy.
46. D. A chicken does not have teeth, & a cabbage does not have sentience.
47. B. There were 101 Dalmatians & 1,001 Arabian Nights.
48. B. A gorgon's gaze is dangerous, as is a siren's song.
49. A. A bull's eye denotes a perfect shot, & snake eyes indicates a roll of two ones with dice, which is generally regarded as the worst possible roll.
50. F. The Naiads were nymphs of springs & streams, & the Oreads were nymphs of grottoes & mountains.

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