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Java Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Why are there three different DALnet Tuesday night chats (#triplenine, #gof, #foursigma)? I hope nobody is surprised to learn that the chats are a microcosm of the high IQ world, and that they have experienced fractionation, just as the various societies have. Currently, the three channels have pretty much the same bunch of people visiting them, so if there is a distinction to be made, it is mainly in the channel operators.

CA time

#triplenine IRC chat on DALnet. This is the Tuesday night chat which has been around the longest, originally formed as an ad-sponsored browser chat linked from the Triple Nine Society's page. The channel was founded by Kevin Langdon (I registered the channel on Jan. 30, 1999, and re-registered it after a brief change of ownership on August 15, 2000).

These chats happen Tuesday nights at 7pm Pacific Time (10pm Eastern). All 99.9+ members and prospective members are welcome to join in. Click on the "World Time Server" picture to find out what day and time it currently is on the United States Pacific coast.

Channel Operators: Kevin_Langdon, FastForward, ScottYoung, jh99

#gof IRC chat on DALnet. Founded by Steve Schuessler on Feb. 21, 2000. Steve writes: "Prometheus, Mega Society, Pi, Ultranet participants and guests welcome - 99.997 plus. It is hoped that the level of interaction will be the best ever. Tuesday (2/22/00) was the 'grand opening' for channel ' #gof ' on DALnet. I have formulated rules for channel operators at"

Channel Operators: ice9, Fulostars, chrsve-9, jh99, ScottYoung

#fousigma IRC chat on DALnet. Founded by Kevin Langdon on Feb. 22, 2000. These also happen Tuesday nights at 7pm Pacific Time (10pm Eastern). For more information on this channel, visit Kevin Langdon's High-IQ Chats page.

Channel Operators: Kevin_Langdon

There are several #mensa channels. This is my favorite. Visit the Mensans page for more information about the channel and its participants.

1) Each button will pop up a java applet in its own browser window.
2) Grant permission to the popup window
3) Change Nick Name from "Guest" to your own nickname
4) After you connect, type your messages immediately to the left of the "B" button. Press the Enter or Return button to send your messages.

If you don't have the time or inclination to download and install a standalone IRC client like mIRC, you may be able to participate in IRC chats via the java-based client I've supplied. Unfortunately, the web browser version that will allow you to use this client is rather restricted: Internet Explorer 4.0 or above and Netscape Navigator 4.08 or above. If you use a Mac, you need to be using IE 4.5. Visit the JPilot Home Page or the jIRC applet Support page to answer other questions you may have about using this client. This client does not work over proxy servers if you are behind a firewall.

Note that the standalone IRC clients are much more powerful if you are considering spending an appreciable amount of time in the chats.

Java Local Voice Chat

Clicking the following button pops up a java applet that allows people who are simultaneously viewing this web page to have a voice chat (it is powered by Windows 95/98/NT is required (sorry Mac users) and so is Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape Navigator 4.0. If you use Navigator, the first time you try it you'll have to download a small plug-in. If you find yourself having trouble initializing the plug-in, you may have to enable "Smart Update" in your browser preferences.

Once you've got the applet up and running, and want to text chat from the java applet, click on the text inside the applet window which says "Click Here for Options."

User Name:

Hearme Voice Chat

Clicking the following button takes you to the "Wise Guys" chatroom in the General Lobby of Hearme's server. You must download and install an application that is a lot larger than the applet above, but also a lot more powerful. The Hearme chatrooms get a lot of traffic and you're sure to meet some interesting people there.

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