The Highest 100 Scores on the Mega Test

0 = wrong answer, 1 = correct answer

Note: In these charts and the ones on the following pages [The Lowest 100 scores on the Mega Test, and A Sampling of Intermediate Scores on the Mega Test], I have omitted a small number of answer sheets that were not from Omni readers, since the numbering of problems in my own test booklet is somewhat different from that in Omni and it would have entailed much work to renumber the problems. I also found that in a dozen or so cases I had miscounted the number of correct solutions by plus or minus one raw score point. These errors were corrected before the data was entered in these charts. For intermediate scores, I chose ten answer sheets at random per raw score point. I keep all answer sheets arranged by raw score to facilitate psychometric research -- RKH.

Numbering of problems is as it appeared in Omni magazine: i.e., problems 5 and 18 are swapped, and problems 37 and 42 are swapped when compared with the numbering that appears on this site.

Note: Data for person 31 appears to have been added incorrectly by Ron -- DTM

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