Notes on the Chimera Test

Believe it or not, this test is not impossible. All of the puzzles can be solved without advanced mathematical knowledge, & most of the problems require only general knowledge, if any at all. Still, the test is extremely difficult. Anyone who receives a perfect or a near perfect score is a true genius! Lateral thinking skills are a must on this test. The test was created in July of 1997, & so far, no one has achieved a perfect score. If someone ever does achieve a perfect score, the test will be retired. You may attempt the test multiple times, as long as you do not violate the rules that you will find on the test itself. I will also mention, on this day of May 21st, 1998, that problem 20 has never been solved, & is very possibly the most devious conundrum I have ever created. UPDATE: Problem 20 has now been solved. I believe a perfect score may be obtained within the coming weeks. UPDATE (10/12/98): A score of 18 was just achived, and I am adding an extra incentive of a Free box of THINKfast™ (Wayback Machine) to the individual who achieves the perfect score that retires the test.

Anyone who receives a perfect or a near perfect score is a true genius! Paul Cooijmans feels that the following formula will give your approximate IQ for your FIRST ATTEMPT on the test: # correct multiplied by 2.5, and then added to 125. A score of 0 does not apply.

To give people an incentive to try the Chimera Test, I have created The Chimera List - a list of the names of the people who have achieved the highest ten scores. The list will be updated periodically as more people take the test. If you do not want your name listed, make a note of this when sending in your answers. If your score is in the top ten, the score will be listed, but an "X" will be placed where your name would normally be. Only your name & raw score will be listed.

Do you believe you are up to the challenge? Well then,


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