Answers to IQ Test

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A1. The answer is QUARTER. Each word in the sequence begins with one letter of the alphabet and ends with the letter that would come next in the alphabet. QUARTER is the only word provided that meets this requirement.

A2. The word that does not belong is DINE. All of the other words relate to the word WAX in one of two ways: They are a synonym of the verb form of this word (Become and Grow), or they contain, secrete, or are made of the noun form of this word (Ear, Bee, Candle).

A3. Yes, this one was tricky. If you add an 'e' to the beginning of the first "word," then skip up 3 letters of the alphabet and add and 'h' to the second "word," then skip up 3 letters for the next one and so on, you will see that each "word" really is a word with the first letter removed. The word that completes the sequence must start with a w, and the only option that makes sense is 'oods,' which would be woods.

A4. The bookkeeper. Take the first letter on the far left, then the first letter on the far right, then second letter from the far left, then the second letter from the far right, and so on, and the letters will spell out BOOKKEEPER. It turned out that the bookkeeper had embezzled a large sum of money, and Maximillion Warbucks had discovered this and was about to go to the police.

A5. The answer is 10. Take the first 2 digits of the first number and add them together. You have 10. Take the next 2 digits and find their sum, and you will have 9. Continue along the sequence, adding the digits in pairs even if it means taking the last digit of one number and the first digit of the next number. You will continue counting down to 8, 7, 6,....... all the way down to 2. The next 2 digits must add to 1. The number of digits in the numbers of the sequence also count down. The first number has 6 digits, the second has 5 digits, and so on. The last number must have 2 digits, and the sum of these 2 digits is 1, and since 01 is not a number, the answer is 10.

A6. The answer is WRITING. Take the last letter of the first word, the second to last letter of the second word, the third to last letter of the third word, and so on, and you will arrive at this answer. Only Paul Cooijmans solved this puzzle when I originally published it.

A7. The word is DEEP.

A8. The word is SERIES. This one was a little tricky. It is indisputably the synonym of sequence. In electrical circuits with alternating current, the circuits are said to be connected in series, in which current is consistent throughout the circuit but voltage may vary, or parallel, in which voltage is consistent throughout the circuit but current may vary. In this way, series is the opposite of parallel.

A9. The word is FOOL. Another possible answer is DUPE, which was found by someone who took the test, although I can't remember who!

A10. The answer is ERECT. Another possible answer is RAISE, found by Staffan Svensson, & TOWER, found by Matt Spicer.


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